A Lockies ToolKit

Five Tools Every Locksmith Always Carries.

By Open Locks – Locksmith Walsall

1. Picks
An obvious choice to be at the top of list, no locksmith can work without a good pick set. There are thousands of lock pick sets out there, some more complicated than others. Strip things down to the core though and a locksmith really only  needs 4 picks; a diamond pick,  a rake pick, a hook pick, and a ball pick. Some locksmiths also carry a pick gun for added speed.

2. Flashlight / scope
A lot of emergency locksmith jobs are undertaken at night time, making a flashlight (or head-mounted flashlight) essential. Experienced locksmiths know that looking at a lock with the naked eye can be tricky, thus opting to carry a mini-telescope with them can be handy.

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3. Plug spinner
Locks are meant to be picked in the correct direction. A locksmith that picks the lock in the wrong direction shouldn’t lose hope though, especially if he carries a plug spinner, a device that can flip picked locks in the right direction without the need to re-pick.

4. Tension tools
Also known as a tension wrench or torsion wrench, tension tools are used in collaboration with lock picks to open a lock. They’re used to hold picked pins in place.

5. Key extractors
Extracting a broken key from a lock takes more than some glue on a paperclip, a knife, or a screwdriver. In fact, make the mistake of trying any of the above and you’re likely to damage the lock beyond repair. Locksmiths should always carry key extractors for damage-free extraction.

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Why Is Graphite Powder Applied To Keys?

Open Locks – Locksmith Telford: Why Is Graphite Powder Applied To Keys?

Applying Graphite Powder to the key allows smoother and more solid operation or the lock. You ought to apply graphite after the keys have been altogether cleaned and after the lock has been lubricated up. In the event that you don’t have graphite powder around, promptly utilize a pencil to cover the whole surface of the cutting edge. At that point you can utilize the key straightforwardly.fine-graphite-powder | Locksmith Telford | Open Locks

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Do You Need Locks or Alarms?

Do You Need Locks or Alarms?

Open Locks – Locksmiths Telford: Do You Need Locks or Alarms?

Many alarm companies would have you believe that physical barriers such as lock sets and deadbolts are useless at the hands of a thug.  Actually, quality hardware, installed properly, can withstand some pretty stiff abuse. A professional locksmith should be consulted when making a security plan so that each opening to be secured receives individual attention. Alarm systems do nothing to prevent “crash and run” thefts that usually are completed in only a few seconds. Good hardware, installed well can deter or prevent would be thieves. The best case scenario would be to have the protection of good hardware and a good warning system in an alarm. Again, consultation with a competent locksmith will determine what is best for you.

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Digital Door Locks

By Open Locks – Locksmith Walsall

There is a variety of digital door lock models to choose from depending on the level of security required. Your local locksmith will be able to advise on the most suitable product for a specific application.

Access Code Lock │ Locksmith Walsall │ Open Locks

For example some models offer the option of a key override in addition to code access. This is perfect for domestic properties, as nurses/carers can access the property by inputting the code as normal, Also family members can use their own key and don’t have to worry about changing codes.

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Outbuildings, Garden Sheds, and Garages

To protect your property people often up the security on their front and back doors, and their windows. However not many think about the locks on their garden shed or their garage. To protect your garden shed or garage you need to utilize great solid locks to ensure your garden tools, bicycles and other valuables are safe and secure from would-be thieves. Garages and garden sheds also contain tools lounging around can be utilized to help a criminal obtain entrance your home!


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