Tip 5: Get a safe

We all have treasured items that we would like to keep safe, and not just things that are commercially valued, but also over sentimentally to.  So, the additional phone or tablet that you have, your gold and silver jewellery, your children’s baby photos, the original copy of your degree, your firearms (because there is honestly not a better place to keep it), cash you have in your house – all of that you can keep in a safe.

It is just vital to ensure that the safe you use is made of quality steel, with a lock that only you can access, and that it is fastened to a wall, so no one can take off with it.3d Key │ Locksmith Wolverhampton │ Open Locks

Locksmith Wolverhampton – Tip 3: New locks

Locksmith Wolverhampton – Tip 3: New locks

When you are relocating to a new city, moving into a new house – even if just for a few months – it is always a good idea change the locks and to re-key your home.

The previous tenants or owners who lived in the building before you might still have copies of the keys – and thus have access to your home, putting you and your family in danger.

This will also put your belongings in danger of being stolen and your home being burgled, destroyed and your own life can be put in danger.  That is why it is important to replace your locks.

Locksmith Wellington – Top Tip 2: Duplicated Keys

Locksmith Wellington – Top Tip 2: Duplicated Keys

Tip 2: Duplicated Keys

Keys can be effortlessly duplicated – even those keys that say “Do not duplicate” or “Do not duplicate by order of law”, since this is not really in contradiction of the regulation and individuals cannot be indicted for doing this.

The only key that, according to law, may not be replicated is a key to your mail box, because this is fraudulent.  The result is that you can never be sure of your safety.

It is easy to give a copy of your house keys to a trusted neighbour or a family friend, but if modern life has taught us anything, it is that no one can be trusted.

Locksmith Shrewsbury – Tip 4: Certified Locksmiths

Locksmith Shrewsbury – Tip 4: Certified Locksmiths

Changing a lock can be upsetting and looking for a trustworthy locksmith might seem very tedious and laborious.  Why is it not as easy as calling the first locksmith that pops up when you Google ‘Nearest locksmith’? 

Because these ads can be very misleading, and they are often paid advertisements that overestimate what these locksmiths can do.  Make sure to always look for reviews, which is also a few clicks away, to ensure that you aren’t being done in. 

Once a reputable locksmith is in your employ, you also have peace of mind that a good job is being done, and that you are insured.


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